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Microsoft® SharePoint® is sweeping through organizations, serving as a powerful catalyst for the benefits of enterprise content management (ECM), which include not just managing content, but also collaboration and process automation.

In some cases, it has pushed companies to seriously consider leveraging SharePoint as the first step towards ECM. For other companies, it has been more about how SharePoint needs to coexist with current systems. While SharePoint has brought ECM to the masses in a simple and easy-to-deploy way, one question that looms large is: How do I get my paper into SharePoint so that I can transform it from a liability into an immediate business advantage? To answer that question requires careful consideration of the eight key points outlined here.

SP Overview


SharePoint Platform Strategies

  • Integrate an existing product with SharePoint to enable the two products to work together.
  • Create integrated solutions that extend SharePoint feature offerings – or that leverage or include SharePoint capabilities

  • Create solutions on top of the SharePoint infrastructure that leverage the breadth of capabilities provided by the SharePoint platform.

Document Mangagement System
Leverage SharePoint platform for Enterprise Document Management with capabilities such as version control, access control and integration with other applications.  The out of the box Document Management System provides a consistent way of performing tasks across the application and requires minimum time frame for implementation and training.

Enterprise Content management
Leverage out of the box SharePoint components to capture, manage, store and deliver content and documents related to organizational process thereby standardizing all the unstructured information.  Some of the key process automation includes records management, process workflows, web content & portal, collaboration and knowledge management.

Business Intelligence
Leverage SharePoint platform for hosting reports and analytics generated using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools.  Some of the key aspects of BI are single platform delivery of reports and connectivity to multiple systems, information / data transformation, consolidation and dashboards

Enterprise Applications
Leverage SharePoint platform for building custom web parts to implement features not available in the out of the box solutions/components.  Some of the cases are employee leave application, track stock quotes, RSS and tracking certain key metrics on ERP applications.

Application Platform
Products designed and built from the ground up for SharePoint can take advantage of its broad feature set. Out-of-the-box SharePoint provides the plumbing for authentication, authorization, provisioning, data viewing and editing, workflows, events, versioning, scaling to multiple servers, deployment, administration, auditing, Office integration, and more…

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