Mobile BI


¬óMobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI or Mobile Intelligence) refers to the distribution of business data to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers and has the following key benefits.

    Mobile BI
  • Access to information anywhere
  • Enabling the right information to show up at the right time
  • Decisions are made on the floor
  • Key business drivers anytime, anywhere
  • Push & Pull BI
With advantages Mobile BI brings various challenges. Some of them are data transfer, delivery mechanism, content rendering, low memory and processing power etc.,

Our Mobile BI service offerings cover both native and browser based applications. The selection of application type will be determined based on several factors like interactivity, security, requirements for a rich UI and online/offline analysis.

Some of the key features of Mobile BI for tablets and mobile devices are listed below.


  • Greater Interactivity
  • Perform drill-down
  • Filter Data
  • Data Exploration
  • Longer view times

Mobile Devices

  • Alert Driven
  • Interaction based on finding reports
  • Consolidated reports

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