Hybrid Cloud


Hybrid CloudAt Coextrix Technologies as we manage several aspects of Private cloud – it is becoming increasingly evident that the Hybrid model is becoming more acceptable and sustainable for several of our customers. Managing the more private and sensitive data in a private cloud the rest in a Public cloud. Segregation of the application layer to be managed in the Public cloud and rest of the Back-end systems in Private cloud seems to work best to dynamically manage of the unpredictable workloads and business demands.

Demand for Hybrid Cloud Computing Model is growing at a rapid rate while Increasing numbers of organizations are looking to leverage the scale and flexibility of public cloud, but are concerned about losing company private and confidential information and  resources outside of their line of control. This is causing organizations to embrace a hybrid cloud model, where they can more easily manage some resources in-house, while also using other applications externally as a service.

Our services include the  ability to  define policies, quotas, limits, monitoring and performance rules for the public cloud in the same way as on-premise Private cloud - this allows users to access public cloud resources through unified approach -- enabling IT management team to access  and manage the enterprise solutions and data in a more secure way.

The services around monitoring, provisioning and integration capabilities allow the  management and relocation of server loads from private environments to public clouds during peak times.

The success of balancing  between these solution lies the secret to opening the power of Enterprise solution to the end customer. The more we are encountering several instances of  customer requirements around this - the  more we see the significant growth in the coming years.

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