Proof of Concepts


POCPOC is one of the basic foundations for agile methodology. We have extended this concept to have it as part of our projects and product deliveries, at important stages in their life cycles. Sometimes we adopt this approach to evaluate third party products or the use of a nascent technology for a specific solution.  Many a times there are cases where the solution proposed for a business problem requires validation and acceptance from the various stakeholders of the project.  The Proof of Concept (POC) methodology brings in effective measures to the approach for acceptance and validation. 

Over the years we at Coextrix have demonstrated consistent success with the approach of POC before commencement of the project and mitigated many challenges that can occur during the development phase.

The POC methodology also helps us to have clear goals and measures on the various attributes and factors of a project.  

Some of the key advantages of POC are given below

  • POC saves time and money
  • Instills confidence in the solution to both management and development teams
  • Documents the problem statement that is getting solved
  • Documents the solution approach
  • Capabilities of the solution
  • Limitations of the solution
  • Goals
  • Scope
  • Solution Acceptance
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