Application Development


appdevThe success of building an application is always attributed to the technologies chosen, processes followed and people building it. Many times, the processes and methodologies that are in place to support and complement development of software end up being circumvented, victims of the iron triangle of project scope, schedule, and budget.  Inherently when technologies are chosen, the approach of implementing it right depends on the intelligence around process and methodologies.  Our approach has always been to determine what is required and important for the project considering all the factors and dimensions around it.

We pursue the development of application / information systems in a very deliberate, structured and methodical way.  On the engineering aspects, our philosophy towards application development approach circles around key concepts like Abstraction Principle, Inversion of Control (IOC), Aspected Oriented Programming (AOP), Seperation of Concerns (SoC) and Service Oriented Modeling.

Key Service Offerings

As a technology services company, we accept challenges ranging from component development to enterprise solutions.  Some of the key areas are explained below.

  • Architecture & Design
  • Development
  • Process Consulting
  • System Re-Engineering
  • Legacy Migration

Architecture and Design

Architecture is key to the success of any software project and it is an important design artifact to place the requirements into a solution space. The quality attributes of a system such as performance, modularity, scalability and availability are defined during the architecture phase.  The architecture determines the structure and management of the development project as well as the resulting system, and extends beyond technical components to areas like process and guidelines.

Our approach has always been to drive the architecture and design aspects based on business goals and we continuously evaluate the alignment of both during the evolution phase.

Process Consulting


Development is both ART and SCIENCE, it is driven by self discipline, expertise, methodologies and process.  The concept of development has taken a paradigm shift with several innovations on technologies and execution mediums.  The concept is slowly marching towards composing and construction from mere Programming.  Be it building components or enterprise solutions the focus is centralized on establishing scalable and re-usable assets.  Greater emphasis is given to keep the development approach in alignment with the architecture guidelines and design factors. 

We follow and adopt various development principles like AOP programming (AOP), Test Driven Development (TDD), Frame Technology and Design Patterns.


Process Consulting

Process Consulting brings in change to the Business Process areas at organization level.  An effective process improvement plan with elaborate process definitions will complement completion of complex business tasks involving many people and specialized knowledge.  Typical process representation schemes will address the activities that are performed, the agents that perform them, and the work products that result.

Our Process Consulting initiatives are driven from the business angle to provide standardization for technology solutions. 


System Re-Engineering

One of the critical factors or objectives in the field of System RE-Engineering is to have a new product which is more manageable than the old/legacy one.  The Re-Engineering process is typically achieved through planned transformations comprising of business process improvements, technology re-engineering, integration, and migration.  It is very important to have strategies around pre-conditions, transformations and post-conditions. 

Our system re-engineering approach begins with an assessment followed by a Proof of Concept (POC) to have an alignment with the various stakeholders of the project.
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