Logistics Supply Chain is primarily concerned with the efficient integration of government regulations, shipping, factories, warehouses, transportation and stores for distribution from one location to another at the right time.  The overall cycle brings several opportunities to minimize total system cost subject to satisfying service requirements.

The idea behind SEAL is to bring in an effective supply chain management solution for the Logistics cycle through advanced technology solutions with key drivers being tracking and usability.

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Documentation in the Shipping and Logistics industry is based on standards and compliance.  Primarily, compliance involves understanding regulatory requirements and preparing documents accordingly.  Our product is loaded with pre-configured features to speed up the documentation process with workflows and compliance related rules.

IT Services


The key to Logistics supply chain is operations management which requires efficient planning. Operational planning is a subset of strategic work planning, accordingly SEAL provides workflows and planning tools to break-down and manage activities related to logistics supply chain planning.


Tracking and Reporting

Metrics, tracking and reporting are key drivers for operational efficiency.  Tracking shipment plan, cycle time, transportation, documentation and compliance are key to logistics supply chain success.  On-time notifications, tracking and reporting in SEAL ensure services are rendered efficiently and also to reduce time and money.

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