Our Culture


Coextrix believes in value add that each individual brings in making the organization to compete with the best and established players across the industry. The employees are encouraged to be innovative and also participate in team activities with alacrity.Culture We combine the flexibility and energy of a small company with the stability and confidence of a large company. Our work environment is collaborative, challenging and highly empowered. This is why our employees are naturally driven to go beyond defined roles and excel in individual capacities.

Considering our employees are the backbone of our business, we make sure to foster an environment that helps individuals to continuously update their knowledge and move ahead in their careers by contributing rich ideas to a dynamic, global operation.

Our strategy in hiring resources is to give importance to welcoming talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, as we believe that our workforce should incorporate the diversity of the global marketplace we serve. We commit ourselves to leveraging this richness of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives to drive innovation, business growth and productivity.

We respect individual values and in return expect the individuals to exhibit professionalism, innovation, teamwork with a sincere and dedicated approach to excel in their knowledge areas in the process helping coextrix to reach new heights.

Employee Speaks


"With Master's degree in computer application and 10+ years of IT experience, I always felt working in Coextrix Technologies helped me in achieving so many things in my career path. The work environment and teams makes Coextrix a company where everyone feels like a single family. Everyone here are free to express their thoughts in terms of development and Improvement of the application with the help of leading technologies. Coextrix has state of art network technology which helps the employees in accessing the latest technology with only few clicks. One of main strengths of this company is flexible nature in accomplishing tasks as to provide work life balance to all employees. Every employee is provided an opportunity to interact with the customers to understand their requirements as well as to approach them in case of clarifications. First and the foremost Coextrix Technologies has a unique flat hierarchy in Leadership which helps the employees to enjoy their work as an individual and complete their tasks without any wait age time."


"I am proud to say that being one of the first employees of Coextrix, I have witnessed the growth of our organization right from a very early stage. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement - Coextrix does that, also it has been a place where we learn lot of things that links our technical knowledge with practical environment."


"With almost 6 years of experience in Finance and Accounts domain, I was really keen to move into the ERP implementation domain as a consultant. With more than 1 year of struggle and all the hopes going down, there came an opportunity from Coextrix technologies with their doors open for me. Even though I didn’t have the relevant experience on ERP implementation they respected my thoughts, my opinion, my interest and gave me the opportunity to step into the shoes of ERP consultant. It’s been more than a year now and still feels as if the work and the work place is still new to me with new challenges and learnings coming in front of me. It has been a really motivating journey till now with all the encouragement and support given by the top management people who constantly interact with me and help me go in a right track. Overall it’s been an amazing experience and I am proud to be a Coextrician."


"Coextrix believes in the ingenuity of its employees. The work environment here is extremely positive and competitive. The organization focuses on bringing out the best in an employee by creating a drive that is fuelled by the willingness to contribute and ‘win’. It truly brings about a winning culture. I am really proud to be a part of Coextrix!.."


"It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for career advancement.Throughout my 2 years with Coextrix,I have been given the opportunity to nurture my professional career development by finding a role in the company that suits my interests and abilities. The experience I have gained here is invaluable. The company’s culture encourages great trust and friendship between employees and management. I am proud to be a part of the Coextrix family and appreciate the opportunity to realize my full potential in a cooperative and encouraging work culture."

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