Who we are?


We are an innovative information technology company delivering sustainable and scalable services and solutions with a vision to define the future of excellence. The company was started in the year 2009 and named "Coextrix" that signifies a matrix of systems that can co-exist and work together for providing greater customer service through operational excellence. The company is founded by a team of  professionals with diversified talent having a cumulative experience of over 4 decades with a passion to succeed and always available to customers as a reliable and trusted partner.

Mission Statement


Our mission statement embrace the following

- To Ensure our solutions to customers always stay ahead of the diminishing technological trend.

Our Approach and Values


We always center our approach to the customer business challenges by delving deep into various spheres of problem solving and not limiting to just technology areas.

Model solutions and methodologies on a strong strategic foundation with skill set, process and right set of tools and technologies complementing each other to deliver success and business value. We don't take the easy path of settling down with a technology that is in its sunset path, but chose the one that is there to last for the next generation avoiding huge migration efforts repeatedly to our customers.

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